Friday, 14 December 2018

Maintaining Wood Floors Right Made Easy

Steam Cleaners

We have seen our share of tv advertisements where utilizing steam cleaner's outcomes in entirely shiny, disinfected and sanitized hardwood floors. But here is what most people do not know: steam cleaners aren't good for your wood floors. Not only will you destroy your flooring with continued usage of steam cleaners, however you'll also make them immediately dull and muddy. A steam cleaner will gradually peel off the floor's finish and will leave you with a drab and dull hardwood flooring. Simply speaking, steam cleaners aren't suggested for keeping wood floors.

Home Cleaning Liquids

Some people have a completely opposite approach than traditional cleaners. They wouldn't touch any commercially advertised cleaners and/or mops. Instead, they opt to utilize homemade cleaning liquids made with vinegar and water, particularly those made with red wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar. Once again, there's absolutely no evidence to show this is a powerful cleansing solution. In fact, vinegar is acidic in nature and will probably damage the finish of your hardwood flooring.

Using Wet Mops without Eliminating Dust

Another frequent way of cleaning that's very promoted nowadays is to use a wet mop on your hardwood flooring. They go as far saying that it doesn't require dust-removal before use. These product manufacturers assert that the mop is designed to attract and hold dust, while cleaning your floors. That is absolutely the most effective way to manage your hardwood flooring. First, you do not wish to leave dust on your flooring before you mop it. That will not just give your floor a haze, but may also result in an accumulation of dirt and debris. Never use any cleaning liquid or wet mop on your floor without sweeping up the dust and dirt .

Maintaining Wood Floors -- Things to Do

Cleaning Liquids Recommended by Wood Floor Manufacturers
You ought to know that wood floors today have a urethane-type finish. The most effective way of finding the right solution for your wood floor is to visit the local wood flooring retailer and ask them which merchandise they sell and advocate for wood floors. All of South London Floor Sanding clients, for instance, can simply enroll and receive a free bottle of cleaning liquid which we recommend for their hardwood flooring. By using the right cleaner, you may make certain that your wood floor remains spick and span without any dulling.

Vacuum Your Wood Floors

We do not think in this new approach of simply wet mopping your floor and voila, all is completed. Vacuuming is vital for proper cleaning and maintenance of your hardwood flooring. Vacuum your floors as often as possible as this increases the life span of your floor, keep its finish and keep it nice and clean. Just make certain you don't use a vacuum with a beater bar since this may often damage the finish.

Place Rugs after Six Months

Area rugs are generally used by consumers. While there is not anything wrong with this, we generally recommend that you wait at least six weeks following your floors are set up to set the carpeting. The main reason is that wood changes color when it is exposed to light. You do not want to have patches of different colours if you put rugs too quickly. Don't rush, let the wood floor get fit and then place the area carpeting. This will prevent the risk of any color difference. It's also a fantastic idea to avoid using area rugs that have plasticizers as they can harm the finish of their wood floor. It might also make patterns and lines onto your floor which really can damage the expression of your floor. You may have to re-coat the ground to remove these marks. In the event, the flooring may have to be re-sanded. Due to this, it's encouraged that you utilize floor rugs that have a pure financing.

Thursday, 15 November 2018


If you're searching for a great way to transform your house and give it a brand new look and feel then you can not go far wrong with hardwood flooring.
With a wide array of hardwood floors types, it offers a tried and tested flooring option to homeowners with many advantages which you just can't argue with.


Whether you're installing hardwood floors in your kitchen, family room, hallway or even your toilet, it immediately creates a gorgeous look and feel that you'll simply love.


With quality hardwood flooring installed to a very high standard, you might have a fantastic flooring surface that not only looks fantastic but additionally adds warmth to your house. Unlike tiled flooring, that can be very cold underfoot in wood, winter insulates and retains the heat, which makes it nice to walk on even in feet.


With a lot of home renovation these days it is about adding long-term value to your house, which is exactly what you'll find with hardwood floors. With the ideal maintenance and care, it is going to last a lifetime and will withstand years of footfall, spills and other requirements, where other traditional flooring surfaces such as carpet will inevitably start to appear tired and worn over time.


In addition to its durability and longevity also comes the extra benefit of how timeless hardwood floors may be and how versatile. Hardwood flooring never goes out of fashion, and is still a popular inside design and desirable for homebuyers.


A common misconception with hardwood floors is that it is high maintenance. It isn't so much about the total amount of upkeep, but the ideal maintenance to make sure its well shielded. If you see to your hardwood floors nicely, it will last a lifetime. With higher quality protective varnishes and oils, regular dusting with the right gear and using added protection in high footfall areas like walkways; it doesn't have to be a hassle to keep.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Strong hardwood flooring, the traditional form of making hardwood flooring, provides years of value to your home if you take good care of it. Unfortunately the lifespan can be cut short if a couple of precautionary measures are not taken. Here Are a Few Tips for maintenance:

Care Tips

  • Lay mats or rugs at every entryway to collect dirt and grit. Dirt and grit behave as sandpaper on your finish and will get the end to become dull. If worn completely though, it will no longer function as protection.
  • Purchase a premium excellent wood flooring safe vacuum or broom to sweep your wood floors often to pick up grains of dirt, dust, and other particles.
  • Use the ideal cleaning and maintenance supplies for your hardwood flooring. Using the wrong cleaners can cause the finish to appear hazy and cut back the amount of time before you want to refinish your hardwood floors
  • Avoid having a wet mop or excessive water to clean your wood floor. Mops should be wring out well before applying over your hardwood flooring.
  • Keep relative humidity in your house between 35-55% to stop excessive gapping or warping. Please keep in mind some season gapping is normal, however, excessive gapping may never close back up and is brought on by extreme dryness.
  • Covering furniture legs that may scratch or dent your wood floor. Chair legs that are frequently moved back and forth ought to be top priority for employing sticky felt pads.
  • Follow manufacture installation directions when placing the flooring. Each fabrication may have slightly different recommendations and after them will ensure the flooring performs under the ideal conditions.

Engineered hardwood flooring is among the oldest kinds of floors and this manner of hardwood can endure over half a century if well protected.